Welcome to the Aspergillus 21-way comparative database asp2_v9 powered by Sybil introduction
This website is built on top of a Chado comparative database and provides a number of tools for analyzing and visualizing the data.
Sybil relies on precomputed searches-- primarily BLASTP searches and protein clustering analyses--the results of which are stored in the comparative database and queried as needed.
Here is a summary of where you can go from this page and how to move around Sybil:
  • Read the help page.
  • Click on the thumbnails below to generate visualizations of the data. From these visualizations you can drill down further by clicking on the features displayed in the images.
  • To find a specific gene use the "Search for genes/proteins" tool below.
  • You will find a summary of the analyses and organisms loaded at the bottom of the page
  • Click on the "help" link at the top-right of any section to get more information.
  • Click on the "AspGD" logo in the top-left corner of any page to return to this page.
  • For help or to report bugs use the e-mail link in the bottom-right corner of every page.
Note: This site has only been tested fully with the Mozilla Firefox browser.
Search for genes/proteins [help] search for genes/proteins using keywords
Search for genes/proteins using these keywords:
--> enter one or more keywords (e.g., "histone", "deacetylase") separated by spaces and then hit return or click on "search". Valid SQL regular expressions are also usable such as "ORF0027[13]" and "ntsp[46]"
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